Thursday, August 23, 2012

to-do list: {DIY projects}

ok, because it's on my summer to-do list and #17 on my 30before30 list, i need to get movin' on some craftiness/diy projects. i was supposed to have done 2 by mid-september.
hmm. yeah.
i have done zero this summer. so, i'm forcing myself to pick at least one of these diy projects that i've come across, and i'll have to have it done within the next 2 weeks.

terrariums: i love them. i absolutely love them. i have a thing for cacti and succulents...other than orchids, i'm not a huge flower-type of girl. if the husband came home with some cool succulents that i could plant, or an adorable little cacti garden, he'd score way more points (hint, hint).
so i think these diy terrariums are perfect! also a bonus: my cat tends to eat anything green, which makes it hard to have flowers or plants around. but these are nicely sheltered from his furry paws.
inspiration pieces:

wallpaper + bookshelves:  we have 2 tall bookshelves upstairs that are very dark and not very much our style, i'm slowly realizing. so i'd love to add a light, simple wallpaper along the back that would brighten them up and make them more modern.
inspiration pieces:

stencils + pillows: i really like rooms with mismatching pillows, and i'd love for one of these stenciled pillows to be thrown in the mix. the husband & i have several songs that mean a lot to us that would work perfectly for this project.

color block terracotta pot: this is a very simple diy that i should've done months ago. my mom came to visit & brought me a little aloe plant in a terracotta pot, and it could use a little bit of a makeover. since we plan to spend lots (and lots!) of time in our backyard this fall and winter, i figure it wouldn't hurt to gussy things up out there.

serving platter + chalk: perfect for cocktail parties & extremely easy to make!

now that i've got this posted, i have no excuse but to knock at least one of them out.
expect a post soon with pictures of a diy project (hopefully gone right!)

if any of you ladies in austin want in on a craft night, let me know! there's usually always wine involved!


  1. I love these diy projects. I have tried making a terrarium once but somehow managed to kill it. Maybe i should give it another go.

    PS: I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog today for Sedwick Studios, hope you enter!

    1. i'm really hoping that i can keep a terrarium alive! thanks for stopping by

  2. Hi! I came across your blog through A Beautiful Mess and thought that I'd stop by and say hello! :-) Your blog is lovely and I just love the wonderful and fun DIY projects!!! :-) Have fun crafting and creating! :-)


    1. hi Ida! thanks so much for stopping by.


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