Monday, August 27, 2012

weekends were made for...

as i mentioned on friday, t & i headed to dallas for the weekend, so i could do a little bit of work. it really ended up pretty perfect, because i only had to work 5 hours on friday and 5 hours on saturday, which left us with plenty of time to hang out & enjoy the trip.
i'm from dallas and lived there until i was 19, so this was by no means a new city to me or to tucker (he went to college a few miles away from there). but we did go to new restaurants & bars neither of us had been to, explored new areas, and had a really great weekend...(thanks, work!)
without further ado, weekends were made for...

delicious, delicious pizzas & beers (at a place where alex and simon from real housewives of ny were also dining by us!),

fancy hotel pools with bright bathing suits,

wearing all your brights together,

one of the best meals of our lives (& one of the most delicious drinks of my life. seriously. ever.),

pretty dallas sights,

& handsome, sleepy, early morning breakfast dates.

i hope your weekend was equally as fun!


  1. Weekends are def made for pizzas and yummy food!
    I hope i will have to work less weekends in the future.

  2. amazing photos! ☺

    visit my blog?

  3. looks like a great weekend! love that bathing suit top!

    1. thank you! & thanks for stopping by :)


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