Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{play} me

that terribly blurry picture above is something that i'm used to seeing when looking through the camera roll on my phone. i mentioned on friday that music means a lot to me - i definitely go out of my way to seek out new artists, new songs, etc. (new to me, anyway).
so if i hear a new song that i love while i'm driving around, like the one in the picture above, i reach for my phone and take a super quick picture, no matter how blurry...i'll be able to decipher it later!
(i promise i'm a safe i the only one out there that momentarily puts myself in danger to take pictures of songs?? please say i'm not.)
this helps me remember songs that i need to download the second i get home. i love creating new playlists whether they're for helping me wake up in the morning, for keeping me moving during a run, or to get me through the work day.
so i'll share my most current playlist with you guys - hope you enjoy it!
(if you're my facebook friend, you can listen to the playlist on spotify by clicking: right here. if we're not facebook friends and you want to listen to it that way - add me! otherwise, spotify is very easy [and free] to use and you can add these 10 songs on your own account)

september playlist:

on a completely different note - i've been plagued with insomnia for a little over 3 weeks now. i know that normally insomnia is attributed to high stress levels, new diets, new work out levels/routines, etc ... none of which apply to me. so i have no idea what's going on, but my body is actually getting used to this no sleep thing, and i'm getting my energy back. this morning i ran further than i have before and was not tired at all until i stopped. so maybe insomnia isn't so bad? even if i was delirious during my run since it was so early and the sun hadn't even come up yet. nothing like thinking you heard a rattle snake next to you, when really it's just a sprinkler turning on, am i right?

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