Friday, September 21, 2012

{running} & ale

at the beginning of august, i mentioned that i signed up for my first ever half marathon (since it is #8 on my 30before30 list), and talked about how training for it was not going quiiite as well as i had hoped. and, well....i just hated running.
but you guys...we're starting to become friends, running & i. 
i'm supposed to be training 5 times a week, and i won't lie by saying that that's always the case. there have definitely been a few times that the extra vodka + soda from the night before kept me in bed instead of getting up for a run. but for the most part, i'm actually enjoying it now and i've noticed a huge, huge difference in my endurance level. it's also helped me stick to eating healthier (again - this is not always the case. i definitely have days where i eat berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream, or several slices of pizza. i will never turn those down!)...i've started to realize that there's truth behind those super fit people who say, "one should eat to live, not live to eat" - it makes such a huge difference for me to go run after several days of healthy, clean eating versus a day of say, tailgating at a longhorns game!
and although i always plan to have those days of mini-indulgences and late night desserts, by reminding myself how i feel on my runs after healthy eating, i hope to minimize those and make sure they're rare enough to be counted as treats.

and with it still being in the 90's here in texas, it's a tad bit miserable to go for a run anytime after 8:30am and any time before 7:30pm, so i keep day dreaming of cooler weather and being able to take off whenever i feel like it. i still have about 3 months until the marathon, which means at least 2 of those months should be in cool and cold weather. (cold weather according to texas standards, anyway)
but until then, i'll "cheers" to running, since we're getting along marvelously for right now and i'd love to keep it that way.

ps. i'm running a little 5k with a friend tomorrow morning. hoping for nice weather and not too many hills!


  1. I'm training for a half-marathon too! :) Stick to it!

    1. i'm excited that it's finally becoming fun :) when is your half?


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