Monday, September 10, 2012

weekends were made for...

new bike racks,

summery drinks (vodka + club soda + splash of pellegrino),


big spreads for hungry guys watching football at the house,

enjoying our backyard,

 his & hers stripes, 

 and a couple of decent runs.

i hope your weekend was just as good!
i'll be back tomorrow with some greek inspired images...


  1. wow cool bikes. so looking forward to get into biking. you seem to be super fit. what is it on the last picture? some sort of running app?
    i am trying to get into running and enjoy a run every then and when but as soon as it's cold or rainy I can't get moitivated.

    1. thanks liv! the last picture is an app on my iphone called runkeeper - it's my favorite running app. i HATED running before i started training for my half marathon, i was terrible at it and just couldn't get in to it. but now that i've made myself do it often (3-4 times a week) i'm getting to the point where i'm actually looking forward to my runs, which i never thought would happen!


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