Friday, February 24, 2012

happy fridays call for happy lists

i am in a wonderful, wonderful mood today. and have been consistently for the past week or so, which of course means there needs to be a happy list posted.
and i hope you'll share yours too! 

7 random things that are making me happy right at this very moment:

1. the fact that my one year anniversary is now less than one week away! i really can't believe how quickly this year went & i'm so excited to celebrate.

2. the realization that getting rid of negative energy in my life is much easier than i thought: simply avoid the people who bring it. i know that's a 'duh' statement to most, but it took me too long to do it. too. long.

3. i'm feeling healthier than i have in a year...(i got in my best, healthiest shape before our wedding last year)'s a great feeling. (i'm having my first cup of coffee for the week this morning and it's only 1/2 cup! and i haven't even missed it [that much]! that's an accomplishment)

4. there's lots of planning going on. sometimes i rebel against too much planning, but lately i've been loving it.

5. i get to see my niece, nephew and brother & sister-in-law in less than a week! i'm one of those really lucky people who has an amazing in-law family and i happen to have THE cutest niece and nephew in existence. it's true. i'll show you pictures when i come back from our anniversary trip!

6. this super hilarious blog. i'm serious, check it out. it's called 'Maddie on Things' and it will make you want this dog:

7. being exactly 2 months away from seeing the black keys and one month away from seeing the naked & famous in concert!
care to share? what's making you happy right this very minute?


  1. Woot! I have recently decided that I need to start working out... for like the first time in my life, it's daunting...but I look forward to the possibility :)

  2. that's awesome chelsea!! it sucks at first but i'm sure you'll love it eventually :) miss your face, by the way.

  3. Happy Friday... I'm home now and booty is sore,so this only means that have had some kick booty work outs this week. :) accomplished!!!

  4. woohoo! I still need to pick your brain for some gym tips...


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