Thursday, February 16, 2012

they get paid to do what???

Let's talk about jobs. Have you ever met someone or heard about someone who has a job where you react by saying: "excuse me, they get paid to do WHAT?!" And I don't mean that like the way that I admire garbagemen because they do a job that I could never do myself. I'm talking about people that are, for example, interior design decorators and photographers. Just throwing that out there because that's my dream job.

Tell me - what's your dream job?

I really, really love my current job. I really do. And I'm so thankful for it. I get to do something really fun, meet new people regularly and I really do leave my job feeling like I've accomplished a lot. With the exception of things that have come to light in the past few months, I don't have a complaint about it!
That being said, I still think about those dreamy, swoon-worthy jobs that I think would be so fulfilling and fun. Some of the things on my 30before30 list are on there because they'll help me (hopefully) eventually get somewhere close to that dream job of being an interior design photographer/stylist, things like:
*owning an original art piece
*plant a thriving, picture-worthy vegetable garden
*master taking photos the way i picture them in my brain
*decorate our "forever" home to reflect both my husband & i perfectly
*become crafty

I spend a lot of time seeing pictures of beautifully styled and photographed homes and just get more and more inspired, pictures like the ones below (styled by the married couple I have a crush on, The Novagratz), make my heart skip a beat!

So, what about you?


  1. I love the bed in the middle like that! My dream job(s) would be:

    1. A&R for a record label, not a huge corporate one but with soul.
    2. PR/event coordinating for a fashion house or record label
    3. Music management
    4. Stylist/creative director for a magazine like Rolling Stone or Spin.
    5. Travel Channel host of a tv show where I go and experience life changing trips, not like Samantha Brown crap, but things that affect people..climbing mountain, seeing Mayan ruins, Macchu Piccu, etc.
    6. Successful, Published writer whose blog gets picked up by HBO or made into a movie.

  2. I loooooove The Novagratz. I told my husband to quit and I will quit and go knocking on doors to see who will let us in to redecorate. He's a no go on that one. boo!
    My dream job - event planner.

  3. Sam - it's probably a good thing to have so many dream jobs because that means at least one is attainable, right?!
    Leah - I know, I have such a huge crush on the Novagratz, I can't even talk about it! Tucker and I daydream about having their jobs all the time. I think you'd be a great event planner :)

  4. A. I am SUPER excited to find other people that are obsessed with the Novagratz! Their family/life is seriously dreamy!

    B. Photographer is my dream job too, but if we are really dreaming then I would choose the music industry over fashion or interiors. Going to shows and festivals for a living and always being in the front row or back stage??? Ah- mazing!

  5. stephanie - you're right, being a music photographer would be AMAZING. can't a girl do both interiors and music?! i mean, it's a dream job after all :)


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