Monday, February 27, 2012

motivated monday: road trip edition

Happy Monday! I'm really excited to put together this Motivated Monday post because it is my 'Road Trip Edition' post. I had lunch with a friend yesterday and we started discussing my road trip goal (#26 on my 30before30 list). I haven't been on a road trip as an adult. The last one I went on was an amazing 2 week trip with my dad, brother and 2 sisters when I was 13. We went from the tip of Texas all the way to the tip of Mexico; we took our time, ate so much amazing food, saw amazing things and spent time at the beach. Naturally, I have a little soft spot in my heart for road trips. So why haven't I ventured out on a trip like that in 10 years?!

Have you gone on a road trip? Ever?

So this friend that I was lunching with - she would like to do a road trip for her 25th birthday in November, which means that it's perfect timing for some road trip ideas.

1. This is one of the trips was discussed yesterday over lunch: Austin, TX  to Tennessee, with a couple of stops in between on the way there & the way back. The idea is for us to get to see both Graceland & Dollywood in TN and then stop in Baton Rouge on the way back. So naturally, there will be lots of making fun of Dolly Parton (while secretly loving her), BBQ, sweet tea, and fried peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

2. The second option we discussed is: Austin, TX to Taos, NM. I'm a little nervous because I hear that this drive consists of several dirt roads and unmarked highways, but hey - that's what road trippin' is about, right?
So this trip would be completely different than trip #1. I'm guessing this one would consist more of scarves and boots, amazing Mexican food, picturesque mountains and spiked hot cocoa and apple cider!

You really can't go wrong with either one.
Any suggestions out there?

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